Month: March 2017

Thoughts on International Women’s Day


Much has been said and done today on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Personally, it came to me as an after-thought and I’d even forgotten about it this morning until I came across Sali Hughes’ piece in the Pool.

Dutifully, I put on a red lipstick and set aside any thoughts about the superficiality of it all. I feel like wearing red lipstick, much like celebrating International Women’s Day is all about the significance you attach to it. It can mean nothing and everything at the same time. Yes, that is a banal thought but just look at the variety of views on IWD. I have seen women questioning and debating the need to celebrate IWD while others have spread their good wishes and cheer. Personally, I don’t see the harm. I don’t know anyone who has spent masses of time celebrating IWD- Everyone has gone about living their lives but things are just a bit more sisterly than usual.

HOWEVER. A message from an acquaintance once again highlighted why we need feminism and a day to mark the movement. It went something like this…


Dear [  ],