The week in sexism

42-year old women are now desirable to men and we have feminism to thank for it: Yes, older women are breaking free of “the shackles of biology and convention” but why not celebrate it for the achievement that it is, rather than judging it against the yardstick of a man’s desire?

Warrior dictates…the men play sport, the women watch them: Warrior is an American company that sells lacrosse and hockey equipment. They got into trouble last week for complaining about a women’s sporting event being shown on a primary sporting channel. This brought into light their appallingly sexist ad campaign showing women in a series of sexually suggestive images. Also, they also don’t sell women’s gear – wonder why? There is a social media campaign against Warrior and you can read about it here

The ‘honey shot’ and why it’s wrong: It’s been difficult to escape the honey shot, regardless of what sport you’ve been watching this summer. Throughout the FIFA World Cup, there were odes after internet odes dedicated to attractive, anonymous, female spectators. It was no different with Wimbledon. And they wonder why sport doesn’t attract female spectators.

The Church of England will soon vote on whether women should be allowed to become bishops: The issue failed to get majority in 2012 but supporters are hopeful that it will pass this time – the debate has been going on since the ’70s. There are over 20 women bishops in Anglican churches in other countries and it has been speculated that women bishops may be imposed on the CoE under equality laws if the vote fails this time. Some are optimistic that the change would encourage the ordination of women in the Roman Catholic Church. 

Art gallery declares women’s pubic hair as ‘disgusting and pornographic’: An art gallery in London has taken down a painting of a woman sporting pubic hair. This was difficult to understand since male and female nudity is so prevalent in art. The purpose of the painting was to explore “how women choose to express their sexual identity beyond the male gaze”. It’s telling that the painting was replaced by another nude painting, albeit one that was less ‘provocative’. 



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